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How Do I Know If My Daughter is Getting the Best?

I understand that you may not know me personally, or know all that I am capable of to help your daughter, but you will! I will personally make sure you are set up with exactly what you and your daughter need to begin to work on skills that produce results right away. 


If there is a disagreement on the adjustments I am suggesting, allow for me to explain or prove why what I’m teaching, works!


If you would like to speak with fellow parents who have benefited from my coaching, feel free to ask for those references.

What if I Get in the University and I'm Not Impressed with the Content?

I am proud and confident in my content, mostly because they are derived directly from the lessons I offer in person, which are highly successful. But I need that feedback, to continue to strive towards making this the best online coaching platform available for girls. So reach out right away! I will work diligently to provide exactly what it is you need or want. Basically, if it isn’t in there, I will make sure it will be because I’ll create it, or I will instill the help to get it in there. I have partnered with a handful of coaches who are experts in other areas of play who are geared up to assist and help you achieve your goals.

I have also worked very hard to provide numerous learning techniques so that I cater to the style that best worked for you.

Visual: Video snapshots of correct positioning and comparisons to big name pitchers

Aural: Video has my voice directly coaching girls through how to perform the drill

Visual: Main points to preform drills are written and available for download

Physical: Video analysis: send in those videos! Live video lesson options are also available 

Who is The University Geared Towards?

The University is tailored to the softball lovers who are looking for quality coaching and are willing to put in the work at home to get better. It is geared towards girls of all ages, and all skill levels. Its for beginners seeking out if the position or sport is right for them, or veterans wondering how to get out of a slumpthe University can and will help! It has also proven to be a great resource for coaches seeking new drills to help out their teams!

How Much Is It To Join?

There are a handful of monthly payment options within the University to accommodate for what you need. 

For a breakdown of prices and the different memberships click here.


I look at it as the cost is less than the total of 2 in person lessons in a month, but in person, you don’t have access to my drills, you don’t have access to me and my knowledge whenever and where ever you need it for 30 days.


If you still think the cost is too high but want to be apart of the University, reach out and let’s talk about what you think would be appropriate. I set the price based on numerous business related factors, but the bottom line is that I want to help as many girls as I can. Money should never be a wedge between me and helping your daughter. There are options to do an al a cart type deal where you tell me what you need most and we’ll go from there. Reach out!

How Do I Submit Video?

This is one of the most important aspects of the University in order for it to best benefit your daughter. Please do not overthink sending in video and think that you need to send in hours of video footage. I need a few swings preferably from the front (facing the batter's front), and/or a couple of shots of her going through her pitching motion; this would be helpful from front, side, and back (not completely necessary though, side is most important!).


All video can be taken with a phone or iPad, it does not need to be edited or super high quality. I will chop it up, mark it up and add in screen shots anyways!

Send in video through the provided form and give me up to 72 hours to analyze and figure out the best course to prescribe how to go about making adjustments. I’ll provide a practice plan, exact drill videos to watch and do, and suggest a timeframe for follow up based on what is being asked.